Thai Massage

Thai Massage is performed with the client fully clothed on a mat on the ground. It incorporates stretching, acupressure, compression of soft tissues and decompression or joints. It is an energetic and appropriate service for both general and specific massage needs. This is my favorite type of bodywork to give and receive.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is great for athletes and includes all the great work found in traditional deep tissue plus more vigorous techniques as well as stretching.  Heat may be applied as well to soften tissues and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Received on a massage table, Deep Tissue Massage helps to relieve Chronic pain and tension and can begin to correct improper holding or postural patterns in the body. Pressure is directed to muscles to relieve chronic pain, break up muscle fibers and adhesions. This helps increase circulation, bringing blood and oxygen to muscles.

Chi Nei Tsang

This modality is an ancient Taoist tradition which focuses on working the abdomen and internal organs found there. It can help with digestion, ease emotional discomfort and encourage relaxation. Chi Nei Tsang is about imparting Chi to the internal organs and encouraging health and wholeness.


This is a very subtle modality. It is not a head and neck massage. It involves subtle pressure and sustained nurturing touch on the head, neck, spine and sacrum to assist the client in unwinding or relaxing. It can be like assisted meditation for some people.